Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tax Refund!!

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Yesterday was an extremely busy day, I'm hoping today (in comparison) will be a bit more mellow. Our tax refunds were deposited Thursday & Friday, so of course we had to go shopping yesterday. I bought a bunch of fabric to make purses, a tie dye kit & white onesies to make for the baby, thread, wire & wire tool, paper, labels, the Garth Brooks DVD set & new boxed set all at W@lmart. Then we went to lunch, and the game store where Troy bought me a new set of purple dice. Then it was the craft store, I got soap supplies, metal rings, jump rings, beads and jars for bath salts.

In between all oft his we gave a ride to Cherokee from school, picked Erin up from work & took him home and paid the rent.

We went over to Dawn, Jason & Ryan's last night, like always, and played a new game, called "Dead Lands," based on the old west, with an undead twist. It was a lot of fun, and we didn't get home until after midnight - not a great thing, since Troy had to work this morning & I had to get up early to get Erin & Alisha to work by 9 & Rhi by 10. It was worth it.

I think I'm going to cut out a purse of two & try out my new sewing machine today! :)

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