Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting Thinner?

I'm not talking about my body, which, of course, I hope is getting thinner, but wondering if my hair is. My mother has a lot of problems with thinning hair & feels like she has a very noticeable bald spot (I have never noticed it). I know that I have managed to inherit (is that the right word?) pretty much all of my mom's weaknesses, like bad teeth, the fat gene, bad shoulders and so on, so I'm starting to wonder if thinning hair will be an issue for me as I age. My hair is very fine & thin to begin with, it wouldn't take much to make me appear as if I were balding. That's not a thought I particularly relish, let me tell you.

I have heard of taking vitamins for hair loss, but do they work for thinning, as well? Do any of the advertised products for thinning hair actually do anything for it or would I be wasting my money? I seriously don't want to be one of those people that obsesses over this, but I don't want to be bald, either, you know? I'd wear a wig if I had to, but only if it was nice & didn't look fake, I just hope it never comes to that!

Not so Tired

Another thing we've all noticed since moving is that we all seem to sleep much better here. I'm not sure if it's because it's quieter, or we feel safer or what. We've been in the house for over 2 weeks & I haven't had one night that I couldn't get to sleep or get back to sleep, which is very rare for me. Troy hasn't had any trouble, either & Rhi goes to bed earlier & sleeps more deeply.

In the other house, if I woke up in the night for any reason at all, the chances of me getting back to sleep were very slim. Most nights, I was up from 4am until 6 or 7, trying to fall back to sleep. I'd finally get there & have to sleep later, just to make up for the loss in the night. I had tried every natural sleeping aid out there & few that weren't so natural. Some worked for a little while, some not at all, but nothing did for very long. I know I'm under less money stress right now & that may be helping, because I'm not lying there trying to figure out how we'll survive if we get garnished again, too. All in all, I think this was one of the best things we've done for ourselves in a long time.


I'm really looking forward to going to St. George with Dawn in the next fews or so. She wants to get some new clothes & shoes & doesn't really know where to go down there, so I get to show her where I shop when I have extra money. I don't have anything to spend, which is okay, because I'd just buy things I don't need right now, like a new BCBG Max Azria bag or something. I sometimes justify that by talking about what a great deal I got, which is terrific when we have money.

I like going & looking, too & have a great time getting Dawn to step out of the t-shirt & jeans rut that she sometimes puts herself in. I love seeing her in new, stylish clothing, because she looks great & obviously feels fantastic in it. I'm not really sure when we'll be going, because that'll depend on when she gets her check & all, but it'll be soon, I'm sure.

Our state refund was deposited today, and the federal one will be in tomorrow, which means we can pay off our bankruptcy & have a little left over for us, too. I'm more pleased that we can pay our lawyers than anything, honestly, at least that will be out of the way & we'll be on our way to a new start financially. It'll be nice to be able to have a little breathing room again.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heading Down the Road

It's time for Erin to head out again, it's been nice having him around for the past two months, but we're ready to have our home back & not have someone camping out on the couch. My mom & dad brought over the vanity & night table that match my bed today, since I have space in the bedroom now & they don't. I was thrilled to have them, finally! I also got my grandma's sewing table & a cute curio shelf (I just need to find a place to put it now), but the leg on that needs to be fixed a bit.

Let's see, what else is going on? Rhi is still trying to find work, without much success. She has, however, been feeling great these days. I think getting out of the other house & into this one helped her a lot, plus she's been taking some vitamins for acne and a B complex, too, and I'm sure that's not hurting.

The bankruptcy moves onward, we're just waiting for our tax returns to be deposited, so that we can pay the lawyer and waiting for it to get filed. I'm giving up my car, which, surprisingly, I'm very okay with. I'm ready to not be broke all the time now & want to be able to afford to actually replace things around here & would much rather do that than have a car, honestly.

Anyway, I need to get back to working on my bedroom, there are a lot of things lying on my bed right now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Loving It!

We finally managed to start moving in on the 1st, but we were only able to move boxes to the workshop. I guess the water valve in the bathroom broke right as they were finishing that up, and then our bathroom ceiling started leaking, so all of that had to be fixed before we could occupy the house, so we didn't get all of our furniture in until the 2nd. We've been here ever since & love the house just as much as we did when we were waiting to move in. Tiny is completely housetrained now, she hasn't had one accident in the house since we moved in and is much calmer in the yard. She rarely barks now & then, only if she's tangled up or someone is here.

Kaji had a horrible time with the move. He didn't have any idea what was going on & his under the counters in the old house & we had a hard time getting him out. When we finally did, he had peed all over himself & was shaking & very upset. We got him moved over here & he hid for a couple of days under my bed before he'd venture out to eat & explore. He's fine now & seems to love living here, but we really were worried about him for awhile there.

We all seem happier & calmer here, it's like the other house we sucking the life out of us gradually. that may very well have been the case, what with the black mold in the walls and such, right? Troy & I have both stopped having sleeping problems & wouldn't know what to do with sleep pills if we had them, at this point. The house is always clean, Rhi & I get up every morning & take care of our daily chores, because none of us ever want this house to be anything but clean & nice. All in all, it was definitely a move for the best!