Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Getting Motivated

Everyone has been safely delivered to where ever they're going this morning, breakfast is done, the dishes are started, the kitchen floor has been swept. I need to straighten up the living room & start my laundry still, but at least I'm started! I need to wake Troy up in about 30 minutes & let him have something to eat, then I need to go & buy some rubbing alcohol & a small spray bottle. (you use it to get rid of bubbles in glycerine soap when you're making it)

Rhi is on a shortened schedule today, due to an afternoon assembly, so she plans to skip that & take William home after school, instead. She's not required to attend assemblies, so that's fine with me. I may have finally gotten it through her head what will happen to her social life if she loses her job. I had to tell her that not only would she lose her car insurance after June, but that she wouldn't even be allowed to drive the car if she lost her job, because she wouldn't be able to put gas into it. William lives fairly far from here, so that, at least, made her think. Thankfully.

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