Sunday, May 29, 2011

Went too Fast

Troy's vacation days went by far too quickly, if you ask me. I know a lot of couples don't really enjoy spending time together & can't wait for the vacation to end so they can escape each other, but we aren't like that. We actually love spending time together, and I get so sad when it's time for him to go back to work. He doesn't have to work until tomorrow night, but I'm already starting to get a little blue about it.

I realize that if he was a Texas Work Injury Attorney, or one anywhere, I'd rarely see him, he'd be busy working all of his billable hours, trying to climb further & further in the work food chain, so, in that sense, I do have it good, since he works 3-4 days a weeks & then has the same amount off. I guess I'm just spoiled, and cherish all of the time I get with him, no matter when I get it. Thankfully, his schedule just changed & he has Thursday-Saturday off now, with every other Sunday, too!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tired. Still.

Wow, I'll be happy when I don't wake up exhausted anymore. This trip really took it out of me. I honestly didn't expect that to be the case, I swear, I'd start taking human growth hormone, if I thought that would wake me up a bit. Today, we went to Beth's 4th birthday party, we didn't stay long, it was windy & cold & she was off playing anyway. Too much excitement to really want to hang out with the grown ups, besides my folks' goat had babies yesterday & I wanted to get out there & see them.

They were very tiny & very, very cute, trying to stay out of the wind. The boy was in a nest of sagebrush, completely hidden & the little girl was kind of sheltered, but very visible, we bugged her enough that she went & found her brother. We visited awhile & then, because I couldn't stop yawning, I decided it was time to come home. Tomorrow is the weekly Sunday dinner we have with our friends & then it's back to real world for us.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well Worth the Effort

The trip to Sedona was worth every bit of preparation, worry & stress that went into it & I'm pretty sure that everyone who went will agree with that. We did exactly as we wanted to during the whole time, with all of us agreeing on what we wanted to do each day and Troy & I bought what we wanted, didn't worry about it & still came home left from our vacation fund & his paycheck, with no need for a payday loan to tide us over to the next payday. It was very nice to be that prepared and not have to stress out about money for once. It was definitely the way to go & how I plan to prepare our finances for any upcoming trips we take. No worry = more fun!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thought We Were Done

Just when I thought my need to find unique baby gifts was done for the year, a friend tells us that his brand new wife is expecting twins in December. I've already decided that I'll crochet up a bunch of gender neutral, matching sets of booties, and maybe make a couple of snuggle sacks, but other than that, I have no clue. I've used up all of my creativity on the last three babies I've bought gifts for. It's different when it's your friend, you know? Rather than your friends' kids, or their friends or just young people you've seen grow up, or maybe it's just me, but it does make a difference to me & what I might give them. I'll actually need to put some serious thought into this, so I guess it's a good thing that I have time!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting Ready

We leave for Sedona in 9 days, and I seem to have so much to do in between now & then, not even including the stuff we have to do the day & night before. There is a little stress involved, especially since we have to have a friend of Rhi's come & stay at the house to take care of the pets (she's in jail for at least 19 more days), and I always get nervous when I'm not in control of certain key parts of my life or trip or what have you. In my heart, I know it'll work out, but I'm nervous & worried that it won't & I won't get to go.

Anyway, we were only unable to get a couple of things we wanted for this trip, like cell signal boosters and a new sleeping bag, but that's okay, everything will be fine. We can borrow a bag from Ryan again and probably won't be that concerned about our phones once we get there and all. I know I'll be fine as soon as we leave the state, right now, I'm just jittery.