Saturday, February 24, 2007

Choosy Moms Choose.. not Peter Pan

On the local front, it seems that a family in Hurricane, Utah is afraid that its been affected by the recent Salmonella outbreak from tainted peanut butter. I was really concerned about it, myself, until I realized that it was Peter Pan & Great Value, and I don't buy either brand (Choosy moms and all..). I'm not really sure why they haven't taken the peanut butter in to their health department to be checked so they can verify it, since I've heard that there will be a class action suit & I know I surely would.

This family had a 6 year old grand-daughter & one year old grand-son affected, and apparently didn't realize, at first, where the illness was coming from, because they weren't aware of the outbreak. The peanut butter they had was donated to one of our local food pantries & then given to the family. Anyway, the whole article is here if you're interested.

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