Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Slippery Stuff

The sky is bright blue today & looks crisp against the snow on the trees, its beautiful out there right now. The ice has started to melt off of the streets, thankfully, since the road crews didn't bother to sand or salt at all & it was super slippery out there earlier.

Apparently, Rhi is very close to getting fired. She has missed too many days of work & needs to really buckle up & get serious about her job, now. She seems to be taking it fairly seriously, she knows that she can't miss any more days, and is trying a lot more now. She can't afford to lose it now, we have to go to court with her next Wednesday about the trouble she got into last spring & find out how large her fine is & so on, then she'll need to pay it. (not to mention gas & insurance)

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