Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Sleepy

I know I didn't get enough sleep last night & should have gone to bed long before I did. I guess I thought the cats would let me sleep later than they do very other morning of my life. I was sadly mistaken & now it's all I can do to keep my eyes open, and of course, Troy is on night shift this week & is asleep in the bedroom. I don't want to go in & bother him, so unless I want to sleep on the couch (which is very uncomfortable) I'm stuck. Hopefully after while I'll start to feel less sleepy, because I hate days like this. I have far too much to do to sit around fighting sleep all day.

One thing I have to do today for sure is to get the buttons for faire designed & sent off to be approved so I can get them printed, because I'm far to late to try online printing because I put it off way too long. I've got to stop doing that, seriously. We leave on our camping trip in the morning, so I won't get a chance to work on them any more until Sunday, which is why I have to today. After the printing is done I have to actually make the buttons, which will be the time-consuming part & they have to be done before set-up week starts, which pretty much means I have until the 2nd. There are plenty of other things that I need to so, but none will be as mind-numbing as this, so I'd better get on it.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dropped the Ball

I made a brilliant decision to put Rhi back on St. John's Wort for her depression, because it worked so well for her when she was younger. Of course, I didn't bother talking to her about it or anything, I just went out & bought it & brought it home for her. She was more than willing to start taking it again, but then she told me that when she gets back on the pill, she'll have to stop. Apparently one of it's interactions is with estrogen & makes the pill less effective, which defeats the purpose of even putting her on the pill. So, I dropped the ball on that.

That'll teach me to start reading warnings before I buy, like the side effects of clinislim, should I ever start taking that (I don't see that happening, but you never know) or interactions of herbal supplements. I used to be very good at doing that, somewhere along the line, I started slipping. I gotta get back on my game, I swear!

My "game" for tonight, however, is getting things done in preparation for faire, so I'm going to get started on that. Have a great night!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Stupid Skin

Summer is the only time it really bothers me, mostly because I'm showing off more skin, and feel like people are looking at me more. I really need to find an affordable eczema treatment, and get these patches cleared up. If that's not what it is, I need to go to the doctor & find out what it actually is, so I can get that cleared up. I'm tired of being self-conscious about my arms.

I had an amusing surprise while I was out shopping with my mom & Rhi this afternoon. We got to Bealls a lot, because my mom gets awesome coupons & shares them with me. We were checking out, and standing there just kind of chit-chatting & Rhi said something about Erin. The guy checking us out looks up at me & says, "I miss Erin." I looked closer & he started talking about how he & Erin had a band once & worked at KFC together & all of that & I finally realized the guy was the former singer in the band. He looked so clean cut & straight now that I would never have recognized him otherwise, It was hilarious. It was good seeing him, though & I told him to keep in touch with Erin so he could let him know when he was going to be in town next, so they can see each other.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Feeling Disconnected

I'm sure that all parents of adults feel out of touch with their kids at times. I'm going through on of those times. I think social networking sites want to make you feel like you're a part of peoples lives, but sometimes they just show you how out of touch you are. All of my kids have friends that I have no idea who they even are, it's more apparent with Rhi, because occasionally, they come & pick her up or she mentions them, and I'm sitting there thinking, "I didn't even know you had a friend named ----" and so on.

With Erin, he adds different people every day to his MySpace, people with strange names & strange appearances, I know, he meets them on the road and they all look normal to each other, but to a mother? Not so normal. I couldn't be more surprised if he listed one of his favorite websites as, honestly. There are days when I just try to grin & bear it because I can't do anything else.

Garrett sometimes thinks I know what he's talking about when I don't & doesn't give me anymore information about whatever situation it is. I feel completely cut off in those circumstances, I wish I could change it, but he's 800 miles or so away, what can I do? Nothing.

No one tells you this will happen, though. They all make it seem like it's all good, all the time & everyone is one, big happy family. I don't even know why I bought into that in the first place, because I know that it isn't true. My parents could have told me that, or I could have seen it if I had just looked close enough. I guess that would be my own, damned fault, wouldn't it?