Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just More Erin Stuff

It really does seem that the more issues Erin has with Alisha, the harder he becomes to live with. They've had a fairly rough weekend, with most of the problems caused by Alisha's inability to act like an adult most of the time. She constantly thinks he's cheating on her & in her mind, looking at a female (doesn't matter what she looks like or her age), he's looking to cheat. He can't hang out with his friends, his family or anyone but her or he's doing the unforgivable. I've about had enough.

So, things get tense between them, and he takes it out on me. I went over to Dawn's earlier, just to use her long kitchen counter to cut out the kimono. He wanted me to go & get Alisha and take them with us because he was buying a van from Jason & wanted to go and look at it & start cleaning it out. All fine & good, except that I forgot to eat lunch and needed to be back in time to get the dishes done & start dinner. (Troy works tonight, after all) When I was done, my blood sugar had dropped & I was getting sick to my stomach & needing to eat. so I told him it was time to go. First he had to talk to Alisha & see what she wanted to do, then he was going to have to talk to Jason, so I told him to hurry up.. so he snapped at me about it. Am I wrong in assuming that because its my car, gas & time, and that he went WITH me that I get to decide when its time for me to leave?

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