Monday, February 19, 2007

Recovering & Moving Along

I guess I ought to try to catch up around here. Everyone that was in the car accident is fine. They've all become much closer to eat other, but after going through something like that I can see that happening. Rhi & Will are still going together & enjoying each other's company, its nice seeing her smile again, and seeing that she knows it wasn't her fault that Kyler broke up with her. I love that his parents like her & that she makes them laugh, because she really is a special girl & didn't deserve to be treated the way K's family did.

Friday was an ok day. We got the bills paid & food bought, then we were pretty much broke other than buying gas for the vehicles, but it was ok anyway. We had fun hanging out with our friends Friday night & playing "Dead Lands," and that makes up for quite a lot, really.

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