Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Run Around Dy

Oh. My. God. Yesterday was as busy as the weekend all put together. Between noon & 7:00 I spent 20 minutes at home & the rest either in my car or at a store. I took Dawn grocery shopping, but before that I sat at my bank, in the drive through, for 20 minutes, behind ONE guy. He spent most of that time rooting around in his Jeep, looking for things to put in the tube. After I got done taking Dawn, I had to go straight to the school to get Rhi, we went from there to another bank to pay my car payments, then home for a few minutes, then I took her to work, she forgot something after I dropped her off, so I went back to take that to her.

After that? I came home & had about 15 minutes to fix & eat my lunch, then I went to get Erin, took him to the bank to cash his check, then to the pawn shop, to Walmart & back to the pawn shop. While we were leaving Walmart, Rhi called & wanted to go & get some flowers & a card for a friend who was sad & take them to him, so we did that & I took her back to work & came home & did dishes. At 7 I took Erin to get Alisha & dropped them off at a restaurant. Came home, finished cooking dinner & waited for Troy & Rhi to get home, then at 9 I picked Erin up. I was in bed by 9:45.

I'm hoping today won't be as hectic.

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