Friday, February 23, 2007

When Do We Stop Being so Stupid?

When is it, exactly, when your grown kids start accepting that you have your own viewpoint? Erin gets so wrapped up in things he wants to do, and gets his heart set on them, then when we have a conflict because of people we don't want to be around, he gets really irate at us. He doesn't seem to grasp that our reputations & good names are really all we have in this place & I often doubt he ever will.

Rhi is out with William, "walking around," I'm sure she's just avoiding the house because she's ashamed of where we live, and I imagine they're freezing their butts off, too, because its dang cold out there right now. Anyway, I guess we're gonna get some pizza, eat & go to Dawn, Jason & Ryan's to game in a bit. Have a great Friday night!

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