Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yeah. So.

I just came back from taking Erin to work & the roads weren't all that bad. I realize that Troy comes into town from a different road, that it gets much colder out there & everything freezes more, but I think he needs to realize that we travel on different streets, too. Quite frankly, the worst streets I was on were the one we live on & the one that Southern Utah University is on. (until you get to the area that its actually on). Main Street, which is what I had Rhi take this morning, was fine. I think he needs to relax a little bit, before he blows a gasket or something.

Rhi's friend Ryan (we drive him to school every day) shoveled my driveway for me this morning, and Troy shoveled it again when he got home, so we should be good to come & go in there. The landlord brought the snowplow out earlier & got most of the roadways in the trailer park, so at least we're all finally prepared for a heavy snowfall winter, now that its almost over. *L*

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