Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Almost Spring

The grass at the side of my house is bright green, the trees are getting the early signs of budding & we have a lot of rain mixed with snow, instead of just plain snow these days. I'll be so happy when I can stop bundling up every day & can start wearing my shorts & lighter weight tees again. I don't hate winter, and this one has been exceptionally mild for us, but I'm ready for Spring, baseball, grilling out & camping already. I can only handle staying indoors for so long, then I start craving sunshine & mountains.

Anyway, I can feel it & smell it coming, the Earth is waking up and getting ready to grow again and I aqm anxiously waiting for her to begin!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cool Beans

We're kind of in a TV wasteland right now on Sunday nights, waiting for Game of Thrones to start again, so we've just been watching whatever looks interesting. A couple of weeks ago, we caught a show on extreme RVs, which caught our attention, since we all love camping & such. These were the type that movie stars own & live in while filming, and rock stars tour in, they were amazing. One company has all of their cupboards done in amish mission furniture style, by an Amish man they hired to work for them. They're all custom & gorgeous, it was just outstanding.

There was another company that refurbishes vintage trailers, too and they fixed one up that I feel in love with. It was all red & shiny and jut too cute. It cost the couple a lot of money, but I'd spend that on something I loved like that, you know? It was definitely one-of-a-kind a just what they asked for, how many times in life are you able to have that?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home Improvement

Somedays I really wish I owned this house, because I would do so much to it to make it even cuter. I'd get one of those decorative plaques with our address on it, replant sod or grass seed in places where it needs to be done & really make both yards nice. I'd most certainly paint the house where it's peeling & all of the trim to match, too.

Inside the house would be some huge changes, like expanding the bathroom so it would hold a real tub that I could actually get in & take a bath. We'd move the laundry area into our bedroom, because there's a lot of wasted space in there & probably move some walls around, too. I love my home, but there are a lot of things I'd change.

Creeping Crud

It must be getting close to Spring, why else would I be plagued with both a chest cold & allergies at the same time? We're also having a pretty heavy snow storm right now, too. So, I sit here, shivering & sneezing while I watch the snow fall & prepare for Ostara & our trip Las Vegas later this week. I'm just trying to be feeling better by Thursday, because I'm going regardless & I intend to have a good time; sick or not.

In other news,I got my hair cut short again & dyed black & bright purple. I imagine my mother with have a come apart when she sees it, but guess what? I'm 46 years old, she doesn't get to decide anymore. I've always wanted to do this to my hair, but never did because I was afraid of her disapproval. I did it this time & I absolutely love it and so does everyone else who's seen it. She'll be even more shocked when I start getting tattoos, won't she?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Elections & Politics

I had to start removing people from my Facebook friends list the other day, I just couldn't take them going on & on about their political views. I don't mind views that differ from my own, I do mind being called an idiot for my own (unexpressed on Facebook) views. I just don't think it's anyone's business, you know? I've always been very quiet about whom I vote for & keep my political opinions to myself, no matter how frustrated I am with whoever happens to be president at any given time. I have never had campaign lawn signs in my yard or bumper stickers, either, and I resent having other people's opinions shoved in my face on a daily basis.

I'll be happy when this election is over & everyone can go back to backbiting the President, like usual.