Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wow, Almost April!

Things have been busy, but yet mellow at the same time around here. I've been doing some crafts (making more Sabbat books for the Circle), working in the yard & trying to keep up with the house work.

Our son has been working a lot & just got his first paycheck yesterday, so he looking around for a nice accessories package for it, with a skin, screen protector & a car charger, then he ordered some styluses, too.

He had been, earlier in the week, looking & comparing the top netbooks, but then I just let him take mine & use it however he wants, since i might have used it for a total of 8 hours in all of the time I've had it. If he decides he wants it permanently, he can give me a little money for it.

So, the weather is warming up, the yard is turning green & life goes on. Nothing exciting or traumatic, just normal for once.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Mellow Weekend

I pretty much completely forgot about St. Patrick's Day this year. I didn't buy a corned beef, I didn't go to any parties or even have a beer. I did manage to put on an appropriate tee in the later part of the day, having spent the front half with my mother, shopping. My oldest brother took our dad to an air show & spent the day, so I took my mom shopping out of town.

I guess it just didn't matter much this year. We did have a going away party for Dawn's oldest the other night, I had a couple of drinks and some good food & then we came home. I'm just feeling really quiet these days, I guess. A friend even mentioned that at the party, that my energy level was way down. I'm not sure what's up with that. It may be that I'm still not feeling secure after my brother's wedding & things that transpired there, or that I'm still recovering from a bad week with one of the kids. I don't really know.

I did have a good time with mom, and had a great Ross day & even managed to get some deals at JC Penney, too. So, I have cute, new capris, and awesome skirt & some nice tanks. (and a pair of shorts that were kind of a fail, but were only $2).

I've been having some insomnia, too. I wake up at around 4am to go to the bathroom, then I lay there, mind running overtime, full of names like holly springs house cleaning, and things I ought to be up doing. This goes on for about 2 hours until I pass back out for a little while longer, depending on the day of the week & my obligations. I'm starting to feel like I'm driving high school kids around again, even though I know getting my daughter to her AA meetings is more important than anything else right now, I just don't feel like I have the freedom to relax anymore. Oh well, maybe one day they'll both have they're collective poop in a pile.

Saturday, March 03, 2012


I'm trying like crazy to accept myself the way I am, but right now, I'm struggling. A lot. I really want to be in better health & look better, but the struggle & every day battle just doesn't seem worth it. I've looked into medications & tread the oxyelite pro side effects, along with others & I'm just not sure what to do anymore.

I know I need to get more active & start practicing better portion control. I can do that. I also think I'll talk to our doctor about it & see what he has to say, too. I'm dreading that conversation, but I can do this.

A Good Week

We got a lot of stuff done this week, thankfully. Dawn's car is fixed & legal, thankfully, because that was a trying time for everyone involved. Our bedroom ceiling is almost completely repaired, after more than a week.

We got new clothes for myself, Troy & our daughter to wear to my oldest brother's wedding in a week. I got our daughter taken to the doctor, got her prescriptions updated & she got two new ones, one because her anti-psychotic makes her insulin resistant & another to help her stop smoking (no, not Chantix).

We also got our son into the eye doctor & he has new glasses on the way. He got new shoes for the wedding, as he already owns a nice suit & shirt to wear.

So, we've had a busy time, and have accomplished some pretty important things, I just wish I could get over this horrible cough I have now!