Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Please. Treat me Like the Adult I Am.

It really chaps my hide to be second-guessed in my decisions. It chaps it twice as badly when the second-guesser is my husband, who vehemently preaches his own hatred of being second-guessed. When Rhi left to go to Will's house yesterday, it was snowing. Troy knew it was snowing, but yet he said nothing. When it kept snowing, he started to get stressed out & tried to call Rhi. Her phone was turned off, because her battery was almost dead, which he'd have known, if he had been listening to her when she left. He left for work and shortly after, Rhi called me to say she was on her way home. (I knew when she'd be coming home, we had discussed it before she left, but Troy assumed that I was just letting her run wild, apparently) She made it home just fine. Troy called at 7:30 wanting to know if she had made it home. Instead of being happy that she did, he wanted to talk to her so he could lecture her for making him worry. I asked him what the point in that would be, since she was home & had followed all of the rules, so he let it go.

I also let her drive this morning. Yes, its still snowing. I told her to be careful & remember the snow driving road rules & to text me when she got there. She called me instead & said that the drive wasn't too bad & she didn't have any sliding. She mentioned that other people were idiots and didn't have a clue how to drive in bad weather. Troy comes in from work, angrily griping at me as to how the roads are terrible. I told him that Rhi had already called & told me that her drive wasn't that bad. I also pointed out that she has to learn to drive in it at some point, that we both drove in it at her age, and that she can't just not drive in the winter. I taught her to drive. We covered bad weather. I trust her ability as a driver & my ability as a teacher. She passed her test. She's a good driver. I just wish he'd trust my judgement every once in a while. I'm not 16.

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