Sunday, July 08, 2012


I'm personally packed, I found deodorant, toothpaste & my traveling toothbrush out in the trailer, so everything is ready to go, at lease for me. I got some other stuff done today to get ready & we'll finish up everything but the perishables tomorrow. You can tell I'm excited, can't you?

 I had a strange request in my email today, someone had read my log, or one of my blogs & wanted a recommendation for the best carpet cleaning raleigh nc had. I live in Utah folks. I have a friend who's from North & South Carolina & another friend who was stationed in SC waiting to be deployed. I have never, personally, been there. I have no idea.

Big Decisions

My bag is packed, at least as far as clothes go, I still need to see if I have deodorant & such out in the trailer. I know Troy hasn't even thought about the clothes he's taking & I'm almost 100% sure that our son hasn't either, but that isn't my concern, thankfully.

 In past years, we would have been getting ready for our local renaissance faire this weekend & not planning for a camping trip, but we quit two years ago. I had a Pagan booth, where we sold new age goodies and we were on the board of directors, as well. There was a lot of stress and my husband & I fought a lot because of it. I have enjoyed not having to worry about garb, stocking the booth and asking for small business insurance quotes and all of that. I haven't missed the stress and the arguing.

There are things I have missed, like the camaraderie we developed with fellow board members and vendors. I have missed hanging out with the other guilds and just wandering around, providing color & having fun. A member of the board/friend came by yesterday to "pick something up," but mostly it was to talk to Troy & try to get us to come back. It's too late for us to do that this year, the camping trip not withstanding, but we are thinking about it and trying to decide what we want to do.

We both have a lot of mixed feelings about it, and have no idea what our friends are going to think or say about it, but really, in the end, it's our decision and we'll be the ones living with the ramifications.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Almost Ready

We took our son to work & then stopped by the grocery store to pick up the few items we needed to buy for the camping trip. Troy got the water tank ready to go, and we got our extra jugs filled & ready to go inside, too. All that's left is to fill the propane tanks, cool the fridge down & finish packing things out there. I'm not cooking anything too amazing this time around, like potatoes au gratin or anything, but I am baking some mixed berry zucchini bread to take for breakfasts before we leave & making Baja sauce to take with us for our chicken tacos. All I did was to look at my menu plan & move things over to the camping trip. It seems to work out better & less expensively for me, because I have most everything already. All I needed to buy was hamburger buns, lunchmeat & cheese because we had used those things up here in the house already. I bought stuff for s'mores, too, because it's not a camping trip, to me, without those things. I'm doing my laundry now, so I can get my clothes packed up soon, too. I need to go out to the trailer & see what I have in the medicine cabinet out there & what still needs to go out, but I'll take care of that tomorrow.


We're finally going camping in a few days & honestly, I can't believe it's going to happen. I've been practically begging to go since it started getting warm, and it's almost here, at last! We're going up the mountain, to our favorite place, hopefully the spot we want is empty again, because it's really perfect for us. We're taking Dawn & her family, and at least one of the granddaughters will be there, if not both of them. We're only going for a couple of days, and it won't be anything complicated, we aren't even cooking as a group this time, since none of us could really afford to do that this time around, but it should be pretty fun, and at least we'll be getting out of town for a bit.

Pain & Insomnia

It's bad enough to have insomnia, and in my case, falling asleep is rarely a problem, at least initially. My problem is that if I'm awakened as I'm getting into a good, deep sleep I may not find it again. I might just lie there for hours trying. Other times, if I wake in the night for any reason, I can't go back to sleep. Today, it's the latter. I fell asleep wonderfully, and slept great until about 4:15 or so, I woke up from a dream that we were buying Ocean isle real estate and then I had to go to the bathroom. I came back, laid down & realized that my mouth was hurting, and pretty badly. I tried to ignore the pain & go back to sleep, but I knew it wasn't going to happen, so I go up, took some naproxen & am sitting here, hoping it starts to work pretty soon. I would need to be up in an hour & a half anyway, but man I wish I could have just slept straight through, I hate spending Saturday so sleepy.