Sunday, February 25, 2007

Polygamy & Murder Don't Mix

A polygamous murderer has been denied parole in California. Apparently Vonda White was tried and convicted in 1978 of the murder of Dean G. Vest. The murder was ordered by Ms. White's "husband" because he felt that Mr. White was defecting from the cult, the Church of the Lamb of God, and would then leak information about them to the FBI. He ordered several members to carry out various other murders for similar reasons (he died in prison in 1981).

Ms. White was originally granted parole, but it was overturned by Governor
Schwarzenegger, stating that she represented an unreasonable public-safety risk. Its been hypothesized by the parole board that she was a victim of intimate partner abuse & that may have been the motivation behind the murder. She's been a model prisoner and turned her life around, and she's 67 years old. I am really leaning towards her being released on this one and feel that California's Governor acted rashly in overturning it.

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