Monday, February 26, 2007

One Down 8000 to Go

Well, maybe not that many, but I did get Rhi's kimono finished this evening. Thankfully. I swear she's worse than a little kid waiting on the Easter bunny. It turned out really nice & I hope its what she was wanting. It wasn't that hard to make, there were just a lot of fussy bits that I'm not eager to do again right away.

Now I can start on my soap and stuff and not feel guilty, since I had promised to make that kimono as soon as we got done with Christmas & I put it off & then the sewing machine broke. So, no more worrying about & feeling bad. Its done. She's over at her friend's house showing it off now.

This weekend she has the Girls' Preference Ball, and yes, she's taking Will. She has a beautiful dress that I bought her for the Homecoming dance she never got to go to (her ex broke up with her the week of the dance) and Will is looking forward to going with her.

Erin bought a full-sized van from Jason the other day, for $50. He's obsessed with it now. He's always messing around in it, fixing things, adding something, you know. Its kind of cool & he's motivated to get his drivers' license now, but I don't think he realizes how much gas he's gonna go through in that thing!

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