Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Let the Day Begin

I'm really gonna try to get my housework done today along with some crafting at some point. I may make some soap today & try out my new melter & molds. I'm trying to decide if making a bunch of cold process soap this year is going to pay off, or if I can take what's left of last year's stock & make melt & pour to supplement it, since I didn't make that much off of CP soap in the booth last time. I guess I'll decide by seeing how much time I have after I finish the stuff I really want to make.

I need to get the pattern for Rhi's kimono cut out, so I can start on that for her, she bought the pattern months ago. I'm such a sewing slacker, even though I seriously love my new machine. Once I figured out why I was having problems adjusting to it, everything was perfect (the foot is bigger than my old one, I had to move my pins). I got my new lip balm base & tubes the other day, too, now I can't find my shrink wrap seals for them.. grrr.

Anyhoo. Time to get dressed so I can take Erin & Alisha to work.

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