Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yeah, I forgot to post yesterday. I need to stop doing that.

I'm really not feeling well today. I can't stop coughing, my head is pounding, one nostril is stuffed up, the other is running like a freakin' river & my eyes are gunky & achey. Blech.

Erin & Alisha are apparently history. She started talking about moving back in with her mother about a week or so ago. Then it was talking about breaking up, because it would "be easier" to live in separate homes that way. Then she moved out & left him there, not knowing if they were breaking up or staying together until he felt he had to issue an ultimatum. She wasn't supposed to call him unless she was sure she wanted to make it work - she never called, so its over & he's trying to move on.

Rhi & Sean have an unusual relationship so far, but I imagine if things would ever work out for them, and they'd get to spend some time together it would get less unusual. He's going through a lot at home lately, I think his mom is having a hard time dealing with the thought that he'll be grown soon, even though he isn't her oldest & he's having a hard time dealing with her, plus his uncle keeps tempting him with moving to Texas.. so we're still in a kind of wait & see state. He's decided to stay twice, if he can just get past the next week until they go, he'll be fine, I think.

Other than that.. let's see. Oh. Tiny has learned how to get up on the bar & get to the cat food on the counter now. I keep getting visions of her strolling aound on my counters, getting into everything & knocking the rest down. She's not a small dog, she's the size of a Border Collie. I'll have to start feeding the cats during the day, when someone is in there watching to make sure she stays down, or the cats are going to starve.

Ok, time for more drugz.. have a great day!

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Karen said...

Is there a doubt that Tiny would learn that eventually? He was a smart puppy. ;-)

That's too bad about Erin, I hope he can move on and find someone that he deserves.

*HUGS* to you - get feeling better!

Dyane said...

LOL Yes she keeps looking at me like, "Are ya gonna feed the cats now Mom? Huh?"

I'm hoping for the best with Erin, too. He seems to be taking it ok, but he also isn't wanting to talk about tit either, which is never a good sign with him.