Monday, November 06, 2006

Boy, that weekend sure flew by. I guess that's what happens when you're busy every day. We got Erin all moved in, I'm not sure my car is entirely unloaded yet, but he's working on it. I guess he's supposed to go back over there at around 1 & help Alisha finish cleaning up. (although I think she should handle it herself, since she left the rest of it all to him)

Anyhow, I've started to wonder about something. Its something that I see here in the blogging world & real life, too. Why would anyone marry someone that they don't actually like? I hear people complaining all the time, about their spouse being off work & home & how horrible it is to have to "put up with" them during that time. I hear Troy telling me about guys at work, who constantly complain about their wives & having to spend time with them & do family-type things together. I just don't get why in the world you would choose to make a lifetime committment to a person that you don't even enjoy beign around. Why would you then have children with them? Did they like them in the beginning & then later on begin to despise them? If so, why do they stay with them? Do they think that's better for the kids? I'm not naive, I've been married before this one. I stopped caring about them, or they stopped caring for me & we ended it. I would never choose to spend the rest of my life living in the same house with someone that I wished would just leave me alone.

Troy is my best friend. He was my best friend before we got romantically involved. I love having him home & its hard for me to let him go back to work when his weekends or vacations are over. No, we don't get along every minute of every day. Yes, we get on each other's nerves. Yes, we argue. We also don't spend every minute that he's home together, but its great knowing he's here & available if I want to talk to him, or want company going somewhere. We have, for 15 years, gone grocery shopping together, every time we need to buy them. We have the same friends, we have the same hobbies, we spend A LOT of time together. Sometimes, the only thing that has kept us together as a couple is the fact that neither of us can stand the thought of losing our best friend. I know people get married & stay married to people they were never friends with. I know they get married for reasons other than love.. but why?

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