Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why do the members of my family insist on leaving things in the microwave, after it beeps & then ignore the following reminder beeps, when they know that I cannot handle repetitive noises? Do they mistakenly believe that I'll get up & get it for them? Or that I'll go postal & kill them all?

Rhi is chatting with me on Yahoo from school. She keeps talking about how tired & miserable she's feeling. I'm pretty sure she's waiting for me to suggest calling into work sick, but that's her call, not mine - so I'm not doing it.

My car is in the shop today. A couple of weeks ago it stopped releasing the key when you'd shut the car off & I've been having to use the emergency release to get them out. We took it in last week, but a part was needed, so it had to be ordered & then we had to have a day when I would still have a car for taking Rhi to & from school & work.

Its frigidly cold today. The wind is like ice. I think I've figured out the dizziness, based on the fact that my ear was hurting like crazy last night :( I'm sooooo tired today.

My Mood: Tired
My Weather: Windy &


Leslie said...

You are so good... I was actually thinking about sending you a note to wish Tiny Happy Birthday from Kyra!! Can you believe they are 3?? LOL... we sound like parents ;) She is such a wonderful dog... Thank you again!!!

Happy Birthday Tiny,
Love your sister,

Janet said...

I'd take it out and throw it away...but I'm just mean like that ;-)