Sunday, November 12, 2006

I did a buttload of Christmas shopping yesterday (all online, of course). I shopped for all of us & it may not end up being a very exciting Christmas, but at least we'll all have stuff to open. I still have some stuff to buy, and kids outside the immediate family to shop for, but it'll get done.

I think I'm going to try to get motivated enough to get the dishes done today & sweep the kitchen. Tomorrow I want to start on the living room again, so I can get it done & arranged & ready for the holidays. I'm thinking we probably won't do much for Thanksgiving, since my mom doesn't seem that interested in doing it this year & Rhi will have to be at work at 3:30 anyway. We may just wait until we have our annual dinner with our friends.

I'm going to tell Erin today that starting tomorrow he needs to be out looking for work. I've given him a week to get settled & start to recover from the breakup with Alisha & all of that, now he needs to get started on working again. Its probably going to piss him off, but he can't just not work. Its hard enough for us right now & its going to get worse come January when Troy loses all of his overtime & shift differential for 3 months.

When I started this, I was still the only person in my house that was awake (other than Troy, who left for work hours ago). One of Rhi's friends came by & I woke her up, now she's showering & getting ready to leave with her. Erin probably won't be up for a long time still. Well, as soon as my head stops hurting & the ibu starts working, I'm going to start on my dishes.

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