Monday, November 27, 2006

The rest of my long weekend went fairly well. Dinner Saturday was good, the company was even better, especially since Kara & her brats went home early and I actually got to talk to Jason a little bit. We ended up going home early, mostly because Troy was grumpy, but I'm over it now.

Rhi was depressed again last night & cried herself to sleep. She convinces herself that she'll never have another boyfriend & then comes to me for reassurance, but she won't take it fromme. She argues her viewpoint & insists that she's right, so I never know what to say after that. She figures she's "looked for someone" for 2 months & since she hasn't found them, there's no one in the world for her. Lord, she's 16 & hasn't found her lifemate yet. In 2 whole months of looking. (of which she's spent the majority being terrified she'll get hurt again & making excuses as to why she can't like anyone that she likes) *rolls eyes*

Erin (supposedly) wants me to take him to Walmart today so he can apply. We'll see how that works out, since it involves actually dragging his ass out of bed, showering & leaving the house. I guess Alisha will probably be going with us, since he made plans with her after he forgot that he was planning to go & apply today. This means that she'll probably have a sudden need to apply too, and likely destroy Erin's prospects of getting hired, because it'll start up again (they do this thing where they insist on being hired at the same place & then start thinking they can sue if it doesn't happen).

We have a big snow storm on the way in, I'm happy that I got all of our decorations out of storage on Saturday, I just wish I didn't have to get out & drive in it as much as I'll have to.\

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