Thursday, November 16, 2006

We had a lot of fun last night. We went to eat at La Fiesta, sat around laughing & visiting and just enjoying each others' company for awhile. Then we left there & went to the convenience store that Vicki's little brother, Glen, works at & harassed him for a few minutes. Then we went to Walmart & window shopped for a couple of hours or so. We all got matching Christmas shirts (Be Naughty - Save Santa a Trip) & I got Rhi a new lanyard for her work badge. Dawn bought a really cute little Eeyore purse.

My packages from Old Navy came by UPS last night while I was out & I've spent the morning wrapping gifts. I haven't decided if I'm going to wrap my own or make Troy do it. I should at last, show him what he got me *L* Everything else has been shipped as of today, so the waiting on that starts. At least it gives me time between shipments to rest from the wrapping! I'm not 100% finished, I have to get something for my 9 year old niece (anyone have a clue what kids that age are into these days?), some games for Troy, a big gift for Erin & something for Vicki's two little ones.

Troy's working an 8 hour shift today, which is fine, overtime is always welcome, especially at this time of year. He won't get to see Rhi before she goes to work & he didn't see her before he left, either. Hopefully he'll be awake when I go pick her up tonight, so he can see her for a couple of minutes anyway. We found out yesterday that she has a 4 day weekend off of work for Thanksgiving, which I think she's really looking forward to. She gets her first paycheck the day before & I KNOW she can't wait for that. Her physiology class that she was taking in January was cancelled & she wants to take a study hall instead, so that'll give her extra time to finish homework.

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