Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm still not feeling great, although today I have a cold sore & my teeth ache on top of everything else. I feel like my body decided to go on strike or something. I sure hope I'm better by next Friday, because I need to go & get my flu shot then. I think I may stay home tonight & not go gaming, I don't want my friends getting this stuff - they all have jobs & can't afford to miss. (that & I doubt I'm gonna feel like going)

Sean dumped Rhi yesterday, after school. She said she was hurt for "about a minute" and then she was over it. I told her that it shows her it wasn't that important to her. I think they just were never able to cross the bridge from friends to a couple. He's under a lot of stress & having to worry about what will affect her was probably not what he needed right now, either. She did mention that he just had too much drama for her right now. She was kind of relieved & kind of excited that being single allowed her a chance to flirt a little more now.

Erin's room is finally ready for him to move into, it just needs to be vacuumed. He's a quieter, more introspective person than he was a few months a go when he was moving out. He seems to really be working harder on his relationship with Troy & Troy seems to be working harder, too. He should be moving in in a day or so, I would think, anyway.

Anyway, I need to get some food & fold some clothes.

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