Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm not sure if I'm still feeling crappy from being sick or if its due to a lack of sleep, either way, all I really want is to go back to bed. Rhi & I got into a huge argument last night, about whether she could hold a full-time jb & go to school every day, while still keeping her grades up. It seems that there in no middle ground between 8 hours a day & 2 hours a day to her. She has an interview today at 3:30. If she gets this job, she'll have to work 40 hours a week for the next 6 weeks to finish her training.. while going to school every day. Her shift will start at 3:30 & end at Midnight. She gets up for school at 6am, eats breakfast at school at around 7:30am, eats lunch at 10:50am.. I'm concerned that she won't come home & pick up food after school, and she gets sick if her blood sugar drops too low, she also gets very angry. I'm concerned that she won't get enough rest & that her grades will fall, but I also feel like she has a right to try. She wasn't very interested in hearing my concerns or in trying to reassure me, she just wanted to give up. We finally got that settled & I finally got her to listen to me, and we went to bed.

She got up late this morning, was stressed out because of that, couldn't find her keys & knew that I don't have enough gas to drive her, so she was slamming doors, kicking things, yelling & cursing. Whixh of course bled out onto me & we ended up in another argument that lasted until well after she started 1st hour (we were texting through part of it). She's apparently feeling depressed because he friends don't want to get out & do the things she wants to & just want to sit around and talk or walk around & talk (so she claims they don't want to be around her & that it makes her feel worthless). In actuality, she's just decided that its easier to be the angry, scowling Rhi, that everyone is intimidated by, than it is to be the smiling, nice Rhi that might get hurt if she lets anyone get close. I've decided that the fight just isn't worth it anymore. If she wants to be angry, miserable and alone, I guess that's her choice. I can't change it, I've been trying for years.

Anyway, I have stew cooking in the crock pot, Troy's weekend starts today, the weather is beautiful so I'm just gonna go with the positives & get through the day.

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