Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rhi & Wade had a lot of fun at the dance last night. They had a fortune-telling booth at the dance & apparently had a lot of people come to it. Rhi dressed as a boy & Wade dressed as a girl & they both looked super-cute. (Sadie Hawkins here is also a costume dance). Rhi got to dance with a boy that she kind of likes & even got to teach him to slow dance and he seemed to enjoy it too. I've been encouraging her to stop worrying so much about having "boyfriends" and to focus on having fun, enjoying herself & enjoying high school. I think she's taking that to heart & not taking any of this too seriously. She handled this most recent breakup very maturely & they're still friends & still talk.

I'm feeling somewhat better today, my head still hurts really badly & I woke up feeling like crap, but it gotten better as the meds took hold & started doing their job. Now all we're worried about is whether Rhi & Erin will pop up with the chicken pox in the next few days or so, since Rhi was exposed when a little girl at our Halloween party was contagious & Erin's been around her. The scary thing is my best friend's pregnant daughter was also exposed. So, we're all kind of waiting around anxiously.

Erin has spent the day moving back in, since he has to be out by 5pm today. I helped him this morning and into the afternoon, right now he's over there with Alisha, finishing things up. We'll go help him load up when they're done. Its going to seem really strange to have ghim back - I just got used to him being gone.

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