Saturday, November 11, 2006

We had a pretty awesome day yesterday. We went & got our flu shots, which only took about 10 minutes (last year I had to go back on a different day to get mine), so we got that done & came back home, sat around for about an hour & Dawn called, asking us if we wanted to meet her & Davy for lunch at the Chinese buffet when they were done with work. So I woke up Erin, told him what we were planning & invited him (but he wasn't interested at the time) and waited for Dawn to call me back.

As we were leaving, Erin decided he wasn't hngry, but wanted our company & went with us. We ate way too much & spent a lot of time laughing, visiting & enjoying each other's company. We came home, I left to get Rhi, came back home & we played The Specialists until it was time to go to Dawn's for gaming. We never got around to gaming, but it was an ok night & I tried really hard to get along with the friend's girlfriend & not cause problems for him.

I'm having a PJ day today. I'm tired, headachey & just flat out lazy, so I got up, put clean PJs on & decided I wasn't going anywhere unless I was forced to. Its cold & gray outside today & it looks like a storm is coming in.

My Mood: Loved
My Weather: Cloudy

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