Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rhi had a good first day at work. She only worked until 8:30 or so, because last night was just orientation, but she said she liked all of the people she's training with & had already met & started talking to another girl that she might be friends with eventually. She was looking forward to actually beginning the training part tonight.

Erin didn't go to sleep last night, but was up when we got up. He grabbed some applications from me earlier, but I think he must have finally gone to sleep, because I haven't seen him since. It was partially my fault he overslept yesterday, I forgot that he didn't have a clock in there, so he kept waking up, thinking it was much earlier because I hadn't woken him up.

There really isn't much else going on today.

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Karen said...

I'm glad she likes her job so far :-)

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well; it's frustrating when your body doesn't cooperate. *HUGS*