Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My mom decided that she would be hosting the family Thanksgiving, after all. I went out today & bought the turkey for our dinner with friends & stuff to make side dishes with for the family. We looked at pre-lit Christmas trees & considered our options. I was very tempted by the DaVinci Code gift set.. I want a cryptex so bad.

Rhi had a really good night at work, she said it didn't even seem like it'd been 8 hours when she was finished. She spoke to a boy that hurt her feelings really badly a few years ago & let the past go. She is training with someone she goes to school with & they've started talking to each other. She thinks that getting through these 6 weeks won't be too terrible. I'll probably be worn out with only getting 6 hours of sleep 5 days a week, but we'll manage.

Tonight, Dawn, Vicki & I are going out to dinner together & maybe a little window shopping, too. We all need it & are all looking forward to it. We each live very different lives: Vicki is in her mid-20's with 2 kids under 5, works as a CNA at the hospital (in the maternity ward) & goes to college full-time. Dawn is a single mom in her mid-30's with a pregnant 17 year old daughter, and 2 other teens at home, she works full-time delivering, picking up & maintaining porta-potties. And then there's me, in my early 40's with 2/3 of my kids grown & a stay-at-home mom. Those are my best girlfriends in this town, I have one more, but she lives halfway across the country.

So, that's my excitement for the day.

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