Saturday, November 04, 2006

Still not feeling great, but I am doing somewhat better today. The cough & runny nose are ever-present and are very annoying, and the headache is still plaguing me but I don't feel like I want to fall out anymore.

We went & played Airsoft with Erin & Rhi earlier today & had a lot of fun. It was very tiring for me & right now I'm fighting sleep. I have to stay awake because tonight is the Sadie Hawkins dance at Rhi's high school & she's going with her best friend, Wade. They both seem to be looking forward to it, although at this point, I'm kind of wondering where she is, since she went to Dawn's house & hasn't made it back yet & she has less than an hour before we have to leave now. (she just came in)

Erin is moving back in tomorrow, so I think I'm going to relax as much as possible tonight & get up fairly early & get started with helping him.

My Mood: Tired
My Weather: Sunny & Windy

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Margie said...

Feel better soon!