Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving went surprisingly well. My brother & SIL behaved themselves. My youngest niece is as annoying as always, every holiday she seems to develop some new, even more bratty habit. This time it was tattling every time Troy or my dad looked at her and a lot of whining. But yeah. They left pretty early, they were probably wanting a beer or ten & couldn't wait any longer.

We had to go out to the store yesterday, as usual, because our payday always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but it wasn't too terribly bad, we pretty much stuck to the grocery side. We did get a great deal on a new Hoover vacuum & some movies, though.

We hung out with Dawn & Jason last night & then Dawn & I took Rhi & Morgan to Walmart & browsed around awhile. I got some polar fleece to make some bootie-type slippers for me & Troy & Rhi bought a kimono pattern & fabric to make it. Before Rhi got there & while we were waiting for Troy & Ryan to get back with dinner, Rhi's ex stopped by, for some unknown reason. He claimed it was to see how everyone was doing, since he hadn't "seen us in awhile." So we just kind of talked about what he'd been up to, what the other high school kids had been up to & so on until he said he was going to go get coffee. Then he said he was going to go to dinner with his friends because he'd been stood up by his date or something. When he walked out, Dawn & I looked at each other & said "WTF was that?"

So that has been my holiday weekend so far. Tonight is our dinner with our friends. I'll be roasting a turkey & taking a few side dishes (most of which I've already dropped off). We're also going to put up our Christmas tree today, but I think I'll wait on the presents until I can be here to keep an eye on the animals. I'll have to train Kaji to stay out of the tree over the next few days, which will suck. (hopefully next year, we won't have a kitten & I won't have to)

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