Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ahhhhh Peace & Quiet

Things are nice and quiet in the neighborhood this morning, at least until all of the hellions come out to play. I live in a trailer park, and for a long time the row I live on had no small children and so it was very quiet and peaceful back here. Then my former next door neighbor got her small children back from Protective Services, and the other next door neighbor moved out and the new one had two smalls. Eventually, almost everyone moved and were replaced with people who had children that love to play, sit, lie and jump around in the street.

I guess that's ok. I never let my kids play in the street, as a matter of fact, I taught them that it wasn't a place to play. These parents never seem to be watching what their kids are doing, and they certainly never hear the cars going through here speeding. Its dangerous enough for them when I drive the speed limit of 10 mph, especially when they dart out in front of the car, but some people race through here at 30 mph, gabbing on their cell phones or arguing with the passengers in the car. They aren't looking for little kids. They aren't really looking for anything.

But anyway, it gets really loud back here from about 2pm to 10pm or later, then the parents realize that their small children are still outside, wandering around the trailer park somewhere & start to call them all in for the night. Again, that's their business and all, I just wish they'd play outside their own homes and not mine, you know?

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