Monday, May 21, 2007


So, this is the last few days of school. It seems strange to me that when Rhi goes back in the fall, it'll be her last year. We're both pretty excited for the school year to be done, because it means we can sleep in for awhile and have some freedom, too. I need to take her shopping for some sandals and a couple of pairs of shorts, since she asked for them & owns none at all.

The ex boyfriend that hurt her so badly last fall, posted a big, whiny blog on his MySpace about how miserable he is over a girl that he lost due to his own behavior and still has feelings for, but at the same time, he's talking about another girl that he thinks is amazing and wants to take the relationship where ever it goes - sounds like him, never satisfied with anything. Apparently, he joined the Marines (I guess he didn't get all of those scholarships he thought he would) and leaves for boot camp on July 30, but he's starting a job at Walmart this week, too, so way to be reliable. He also thinks he graduates on Friday, when its really Thursday.

Anyway, I need to eat breakfast & get started on my day.

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