Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Calm After the Storm

Yesterday was pretty calm and quiet round here, surprisingly. Generally, if Rhi has to wait to see her boy at all, she gets grouchier and meaner every hour, but she did really well yesterday. And Troy was home all day, too, and stayed up after work, so there was the potential for some issues in the house, but he behaved too. Maybe they're both starting to get the idea that I'm not digging the strife and its making me crazy.

Rhi has already told me what she wants for Christmas, she wants a PSP. Since she's given us so much notice about it, I don't see a problem with getting it for her, especially since she isn't asking for anything else. I'm thinking I'll get her one of the bundles they have with an accessory and a couple of games.

Anyhow, I have stuff I need to get done.

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