Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Getting By

I had written out this big letter to Troy & Rhi about how I feel like they're acting lately and what its doing to me, then I decided to just let it go. I kept the letter, I may still need it, but Rhi is aware of how I'm feeling and what she needs to do about her behaviors to change it, and I'm fairly sure that Troy knows that I'm tired of it. If they start in again, I'm stopping it with my letter, I can't live like that anymore, I just can't.

I haven't been sleeping much over the past two nights, I'm tired when I go to bed, I fall asleep, but I'm awake 2 or so hours later, tossing and turning. For hours. I fell back to sleep sometime after 5 this morning. It made the alarm feel like hell at 6:20. Now, I'm afraid to take a nap, because I may not be able to sleep tonight again.

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