Monday, May 21, 2007

Freakin' Psycho

So some ass tried to run Rhi & Kris over tonight. Right in front of my house while I was watching. They were leaving the house to go & meet up with a friend of their's and didn't know a car was coming. Kris was chasing Rhi, so he could catch her & tickle her, so she was in front. She ran out, saw the car & ran across the road. Kris had to stop & wait, so Rhi was standing there laughing at him. The guy started giving Rhi dirty looks so she crossed the area she was in & went up to stand near Erin's van, and the driver motioned for Kris to cross, which he did, running up behind her as the car screeched its tires and turned around to where they were and skidded to a stop right next to Rhi, (he was within a foot of her) she asked him what his problem was and then he backed up trying to hit both of them & them raced out of here.

At that point I was already headed out the door with my phone, the neighbor was headed out his & Rhi was calling the police. I could not believe this guy did that and I'm also very nervous at the same time, because the people he comes to visit are tweakers and we're here alone at night.

But we got some good news, too. Rhi won an award at the tech center where she has some classes. She was named the Outstanding IT Student of the Year. There's a ceremony Wednesday night that we need to go to. She's super excited about it. Troy's friend's wife called him at work tonight to tell him. Anyway, I need sleep.

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