Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Summer!

School's out here, the Seniors have graduated and the lazy days have begun. We've had kind of a trying weekend so far, but we're moving past all of that & attempting to make the best of what's left of it. I'm trying my darnedest to convince Rhi that she CAN have a boyfriend and a family at the same time, but man, its slow going, let me tell ya. She just doesn't seem to understand that we like to spend time with just her sometimes. I mean, we like Kris just fine and we're happy that he's so good to her, but we miss spending time as a family occasionally. It seems like we've fought with her every day for the past week & its really getting old.

Then there's Kris' situation at home right now. His mom & stepdad adopted her nephew a few months ago, because he was getting ready to be placed in foster care. He's 5. They now expect (and demand) that Kris will take care of him. There are days wen he makes the kid's breakfast, lunch and dinner, watches him all day and puts him to bed at night. His mother is at home during all of this. She claims to have "no energy" to deal with him and that he "grates at her nerves." She 38 years old, in good shape and has no energy? I'm sorry that she has IBS, but this child isn't Kris' responsibility. He didn't adopt him, after all. Its ridiculous.

Oh. They caught/found the guy that tried to run Rhi & Kris over. All they cited him with was reckless driving.

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