Monday, May 21, 2007

A Good Job is Priceless

I'm so thankful that Troy works for such a great company. The wages are very good, and they'd pay more if the city hadn't put a cap on what they could pay when they first came here (they were afraid other employers couldn't compete - so what?). The benefits are good for where we live, although I'd prefer a copayment rather than a deductable. They give him really good training for lots of other things, has a good retirement plan and paid vacation increases with the years he spends there (he already has 3 weeks a year).

They used to have a great incentive program for people so they wouldn't miss work, called the President's Club. If you made it a year without missing work, you got dinner at one of our expensive restaurants (it was a company party) with a date, a gift from the company and a personal day, with 2 years you got all of that plus a night in Las Vegas with dinner and a show, complete with a room in one of the casinos. That stopped when they bought several other companies & couldn't afford to do it for everyone.

We get really nice engraved pens and datebooks every year, too, plus a lot of other things like personal first aid kits, toothbrushes, cups, mugs.. a bunch of stuff. It really beats struggling on $6 an hour with the cable company. Congratulations on 12 years honey!

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