Monday, May 28, 2007

Noisy Neighborhood

I got up at about 9:30 this morning, turned on my computer & sat down to do my usual morning stuff. At about 10, I heard a woman screaming something hysterically. It was so full of profanity, I swore I was back in Pueblo, in my old Bessemer neighborhood on a Saturday night. She was screaming names and crying her eyes out. Finally, Rhi, who was sleeping, had enough, at about the same time, my neighbor got fed up with it & they both started yelling at her to be quiet. Then she started in on the neighbor, calling him terrible names and then back to her husband, who she was accusing of cheating on her. It was sounding, for awhile, like a little Death insurance would be a good idea, cause she was mad enough to kill him for awhile there.

I'm not sure if he left or if she ran out of steam, but she did eventually shut up and I saw him out at another neighbor's house a little while ago. Who really knows, but she was really upset and I really felt bad for her, having been in her shoes before, and I'm sure she was really embarrassed when it was all said and done, too. I hope things work out to where she's happy and her kids are taken care of, too, because she works and he stays home.

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