Monday, May 28, 2007

The Drama!

I swear, Rhi gets more dramatic every day. Kris called her earlier, saying he was done with his chores & could leave so they could go swimming. We went out there to get him and his mom had decided he needed to do the dishes before he could leave (she decided this AFTER she found out we were on our way). So we got there and he couldn't leave. We came back home and it was a couple of hours before she heard anything at all and of course by then, she was already assuming she was being stood up. Now mind you, Kris has never stood her up or even lied to her as far as I know, but she assumed that had to be the case and of course got herself all worked up over it, too. I just wish she'd start to understand that sometimes things come up that can't be controlled, and it isn't always about her, you know?

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