Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Trying to Move On

Apparently, the police still haven't found the guy who tried to run Rhi over last night. Everyone that lives in the house he was visiting have disappeared, as well. They all seemed pretty freaked out when the police showed up down there last night, and of course they all either claimed not to know who he was or that they didn't speak English. We did manage to get a license plate number, and he left plenty of tire marks on the road to show where he was and how he'd been acting, not to mention all of the witnesses. After the police left, the people from that trailer all took off and haven't, as far as I can see, been back.

I seriously doubt they'll ever find the guy, because he knew when he left that he had messed with the wrong people, he saw Rhi pull her phone out & call the police. The really weird thing was that I didn't even hear his car until Rhi crossed in front of him & started laughing at Kris. It was like he was sitting in front of the house, idling, and getting ready to do this really obnoxious thing he does every time he passes my neighbor's house - he gets to the corner, throw his car in neutral & revs his engine up for about 45 seconds & then he throws it in gear & spins out & speeds out of here - he does it just to piss the neighbor off. As soon as Rhi crossed and she was laughing he started revving it up like crazy, which was part of why I looked out. Why do people get so angry about such small things? It was obvious to me that she wasn't even looking at the driver when she was laughing, but I guess he must have thought otherwise.. and gotten really, really angry - not that it excuses his behavior.

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