Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weight Loss Update

So, the weight is slowly coming off, but I seriously need to have fewer days like today, where all I want to do is eat stuff that's bad for me, you know? I swear, all I've wanted to eat is crap. I'm still taking the orlistat with every meal that contains fat over about 4 grams (on days when I'm eating like I'm supposed to) & I'm thinking about adding some hoodia to the mix, too, since I already have a bottle sitting in the kitchen. It can't hurt anything & it might just help.

I've lost about 15 pounds or so, not enough to really make a difference in how my clothes fit yet (not at my current size anyway), but its nice knowing that I've lost it & I'm that much closer to my eventual goal. I think I have a meltdown of sorts every time I talk to my mom about my weight, diet or whatever, because I was fine until she called me yesterday to see how it was going.. then all I could think of was how hard it was & how much I wanted to give up. I'm thinking I need to figure out why & deal with that while I'm working on my weight.

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