Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Busy Day

I've been surprisingly productive today. I got up, did my dishes, prepped my sauce for the pork loin & got it started cooking, fed the animals, came back here, started my laundry, got my camping blankets washed & switched to the dryer & them started my clothes I'm taking with me. Its just about time for those to go in the dryer, as soon as the comforter is totally dry. As soon as Troy gets up, we need to go & pay our car payments, because I forgot about it yesterday, and they were due. Eeek.

I also need to have Troy gather up what he wants to take camping in the way of clothing, so I can get those washed & packed while he's at work tonight and anything he wants to take. He has to sleep a bit in the morning, so while he's doing that, I'll get all of the food ready to go, clean out the cooler & pack what I can in the car, then we can go to the storage unit, pick up the tents & sleeping bags & be on our way. I'm really excited about this camping trip, its the first time we've ever just gone on our own, without extended family or friends. I think Erin is planning to come with us, too, if he remembers by the time Wednesday rolls around.

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