Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ready to Go

Well, Rhi's all registered, her yearbook picture taken & she's ready to go. She's really excited about school starting and super nervous, knowing this is her last year. Of course, we couldn't get through the whole registration & taking pictures process without getting into an argument or two, because that's the way she is.

She called Kris right after we got there, to tell him that unless he wanted to stand in line a long time, he should come soon. Well, almost 2 hours later, he finally showed up, right as we were getting ready to leave. So. Yeah, Rhi wanted to stay, to "get Kris to smile" for his pictures. That's all fine & good, but we kept telling him he needed to go get in the picture line to cut down the wait. First, he just didn't go, then when he went in, he didn't actually get in line, he stood around talking with his friends until we got in there, then he decided he should actually get in line. By this time, I was starting to get pissed off. It was almost 2:00, I was hungry & starting to get sick to my stomach from not eating since 8:30, and then Rhi got mad at me, because I wanted to go home. I finally ended up leaving her there.

She finally got home more than an hour & a half later, because they had to stay & get his schedule situated, too. I'm glad I decided to come home when I did, I'd have been sick if I waited that long. I also told her that he had to go home by 9:30 0n school nights & that there was no more sleeping over until they're both 18. She was angry, and she probably still is, but I need my home back, at least for awhile.

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