Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stuff I Need to Take Care Of

My love seat now has a tear in the front & in the back, I need to get a slipcover for it before it gets worse. I also need to take the lint brush to all of the furniture in the living room, now that Tiny is done shedding for a bit. I wish there was another way to arrange the living room, but there isn't, so I'll stop dreaming.

There's a bunch of stuff in the kitchen left there from Faire that needs to be put away and probably other crap, too. I'm so terrible about getting things back to where they belong anymore. I desperately need to defrost my deep freeze & clean out the stuff that's been in there too long, too. Both of the light fixtures in there have issues.. the one over the sink is just kind of hanging there, and the other one is a big, ugly fluorescent fixture.

The hall.. omg. I need to get all of the dust and cobwebs off the wall & get the furnace cleaned out & a new filter put on it. Rhi also put her night stand out there & that needs to go somewhere. The craft room needs a good cleaning, as does the bathroom & my bedroom. Now, if I could just find an extra 3 or 4 hours in a day, I'd be set!

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