Thursday, August 23, 2007

Real Reviews from a Real Person

Do you like to hear what real people say about products, TV shows and movies? I know that I do, and I've read a lot of web sites that specialize in reviews. My current favorite is Lisa Reviews. She gives no nonsense reviews about things I watch and products that I'd like to use. The website is easy to navigate, her reviews are well-written and easy to understand, and she generally provides a link so that you can get more information if you need it, or just want to read up on it a little more.

She does a lot of reviews for products for babies and young children, and since I have friends who are just starting their families, I take the time to read about them, because I love to buy things for those kids, and I want them to be happy with what I give them. I use the information on babies to share with Morgan, so my grand-daughter can benefit, too.

One review was really awesome for me. I have been looking all over the internet to try to find out what the SciFi series Eureka is about. I got a few brief overviews about it, but nothing that really persuaded me that I was missing out on anything. Until I found a review of it on Lisa Reviews. She gave a great synopsis of what the show is about, and now I'm really sad that I missed the first season. I guess I'll have to use the link in her review to pick it up!

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