Saturday, August 11, 2007

Is it Really News?

Do ya'll remember when celebrities were fairly quiet about their drug rehab visits? There might be a discreet little blurb in an entertainment paper or magazine, mentioning that they were visiting this rehab center or that one, but it was really never front-page news or something we had to hear about all the time. I have to wonder if entertainment news is so slow that this really is the only news they can find to talk about. Its not a big surprise, pretty much everyone realizes that drugs and alcohol come with the celebrity lifestyle, and that people who engage in that lifestyle end up in rehab fairly often.. its not news, or at least not in my definition of what news is. Its not even entertainment, because being entertained by someone else's misfortune is just wrong. Let them take care of their addiction in private, with a little dignity, for pete's sake!

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