Sunday, August 12, 2007


I really, really wish I could find a template that I actually like instead of what blogger has available. I'm no good at writing code anymore & was never any good and making blog layouts, but I think I'm gonna have to try, because this is just bland & so not me. I'm trying to find something that will do in the meantime at least, I'm not having a lot of luck unfortunately.

I think we're finally done buying things for Rhi for school, I had to go today & get her a new curling iron, I guess she stepped on her old one & she has pictures for the yearbook tomorrow & ended up getting her another t-shirt just because it was cute & all. We have registration and all of that tomorrow, too. They finally got smart & gave the seniors & freshman a day each to themselves, instead of jamming it all into 2 days. School starts Thursday & Rhi is really excited to get back.

I guess Dawn, Jason & Ryan are looking to move before the weather gets cold, to try to save money on the gas bill this winter, and I'm really not looking forward to moving them, because Dawn & her kids have so. much. crap. but yeah.. at least its not like they're buying Wilmington NC real estate and moving out of state, so I imagine we'll all get through it again. At least its not right before Renne Faire!!!

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